Who We Serve

In short, high-net worth families, and the businesses and institutions they've built and serve. We take a whole-of-wealth approach that is guided by the goals and values of your family, your business, and/or your non-profit. Together, we will make sense of your wealth and create a simple, yet comprehensive plan to best steward what you have.

Because significant wealth requires a distinctively elevated level of service and focus, our practice believes in building lasting relationships with a limited number of clients. As life happens and priorities change, so also the plan for your wealth must follow suit. And we'll be right there by your side, every step of the way.
Understanding how to plan, invest, preserve, and transfer your wealth doesn't have to be complicated. We strive to make simple but comprehensive plans for all of our clients. Our wealth management services include but are not limited to:  

  • Advisory
  • Alternative Investments
  • Education Planning
  • Estate Planning Strategies 
  • Investment Planning
  • Retirement Income Planning
  • 401(k) & other Retirement Plan Distribution Counseling 
  • Tax-Senstive Investing
  • Values-Sensitive Investing
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Our team also gladly provides access to lending products and services through our Wells Fargo affiliates.

No matter what it is that you wish to accomplish, we're going to be with you every step of the way, and help you adapt as your family grows and changes.

Wells Fargo Advisors is not a legal or tax advisor.
For a lot of people, their wealth is directly tied to their business. Here are some of the services we guide our business clients in:

  • Business Transisition Planning
  • Workplace Retirement Plans
  • Institutional Consulting
  • Capital Market Services 
  • Executive Level Services 
  • 10b5-1 Trading Plans
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Our team of advisors can help you build a team of professionals with Wells Fargo affiliate products and services such as Wealth Planning, Private Banking, Trust and Fiduciary Services, and Insurance as well as various customized and more traditional lending products.

There are a wide range of solutions that can be employed to help your business succeed, grow, and transfer. The best idea however, is to talk to your advisor about what is currently going on, and where you want to take your business. We will lay out a roadmap, tailored for your business.
Effectively serving and supporting the people, communities and causes most important to your mission is likely at the top of your strategic charitable goals. Our experienced team of specialists and comprehensive suite of solutions can help your nonprofit manage resources and may be able to help your organization with its goals to meet today’s challenges and create tomorrow’s opportunities. In addition to offering local relationship management and far reaching experience in the giving community, we have the resources and capabilities to offer holistic solutions to our clients that few can replicate. We can help you navigate the administrative and regulatory tasks, leaving you time to focus on your mission.

  • Endowment and planned giving investment management
  • Fully Diversified customized investment strategies
  • Customized Reporting
  • Development of investment, spending and gift acceptance policies
  • Specialized fiduciary and administrative services
  • Planned Giving program administration
Managing a private foundation or endowment can be very gratifying experience. However, complicated regulations can create real challenges for foundation managers. We are here to help you navigate the business of Philanthropy. We have the experience to help you bring your vision to life, from structuring lifetime giving programs to handling the day-to-day operations of a large-scale foundation. In addition to offering local relationship management and far reaching experience in the giving community, we have the resources and capabilities to offer holistic solutions to our clients that few can replicate. We can help you navigate the administrative and regulatory tasks, leaving you time to focus on your mission.

Our team understands & assists with the following issues:

  • Governance
  • Policies
  • Accountability
  • Taxes
  • Investment Management

Wells Fargo Advisors is not a legal or tax advisor.
Female at Beach Medium.jpg Leaving a Planned Inheritance
This is the preferred method of inheritance giving. We know that money conversations can be difficult in families, so we provide a safe place, led by us or the owner of the assests, to have these conversations with as much or as little confidentiality as they wish. We gladly work with all members of our client's families, regardless if they have an account with us, in order to assure a smooth process. Planning this way, sets proper expectations, and makes the wealth and values transfer an easier experience for those left behind. 

Receiving an Unplanned Inheritance
Receiving an inheritance can be a bittersweet moment. You want to spend all of your time remembering your loved one, but now receiving this gift can be overwhelming because it comes with some details that need sorted out. Some decisions need to be made: what do I do with these assets, and if I need to pay taxes on it, how should I do that? We will gladly carry the heavy burdens of the details for you by creating a simple, but comprehensive plan, in conjunction with any accountants and attorneys you are currently working with, to put you on a financial path that aligns with your values and goals, but also pays the proper amount of respect to your loved one. 

Every situation is different, and we are happy to discuss yours with you today!

The Wealth Planning Process

financial advisor consulting with clients

1. Engage

We start with a broad strokes, no-obligation conversation about your situation, and what we could potentially do to give you advice and assistance. In this conversation we're both deciding if we would be a good fit for each other. You're deciding if we're a team you want to trust with the details of your wealth, and likewise we're deciding if you would be a good client for our practice. No matter what happens in this conversation, we'd strive to make sure you find an advisor that is best suited for your unique situation.
Financial Advisor meeting with clients

2. Gather

This can either be a separate, or the same as the engage meeting depending on how everything is going, and how much time you have - because this can be a longer meeting. We dive into much more than current investments and performance, but also into the plans you have for a successful life, or business. Please plan for at least an hour to hour and a half meeting, and you will be asked to bring a lot of documents and statements on each of your current accounts. This can be broken into two shorter meetings for convenience. Also, some clients prefer to have this meeting at their house or office, which we are happy to do, so they can quickly run down important documents as conversation requires them.
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3. Analyze

This is where we go back, and discuss as a team your situation. We rely on our group's expertise but also consult relevant subject matter experts, as necessary that would pertain to your situation, and craft a plan that we believe would work best for you, your family, or your organization. We then run our recommendations through a thousand different market scenarios to stress test it, then create a report to show you our findings.
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4. Develop

After crunching the data, we will create a comprehensive recommendation and bring it to you. We'll go through every aspect of it together, with the goal of agreeing upon a plan forward. We'll discuss and fine tune each part of the plan until you are completely satisfied. It's important to remember that while we create recommendations, we work for you. So unless everything is described to you in a way that makes sense or is acceptable in every single way, no part of the plan gets to implementation without your express approval.
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5. Implement

After we agree on a path forward, we move to immediately put your plan into motion. You also might have things to do on your end, but nothing that happens in this phase will be a secret because it will have been discussed in detail and agreed upon during step four: develop. Everyone's plan will be implemented in the specifically tailored way that was agreed upon.
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6. Monitor & Review

Not everyone elects to have on-going account monitoring as part of their plan, for those who do not, we gladly give them on-demand account reviews. But for those who have plans that require monitoring, we do not let them get stale. To us, your plan is more important than to just set it and forget it. We will keep in touch with you as needed to review performance, give you market updates, and give you updated recommendations that may or may not be necessary to keep your plan on track. We also stress that for a plan to be effective it is also the responsibility of the client to proactively call us about life happenings that may have an effect on the plan. As needed, we go back to step two in the process and collect the new data.
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